Thursday, February 14, 2008

What Was That Song by Staind?

Sorry it's been a few weeks, but I began to have a life once again, and my free time was spent in the realm of the subconscious more than writing for a blog with an audience I could count on my fingers. Nevertheless I will rededicate myself to the blog and with the pitchers and catchers having reported and the start of Spring Training less than two weeks away, my hope is that there will be information aplenty for me to comment on. In the meantime I will comment on, and possibly do an in-depth breakdown of the Johan Santana and Erik Bedard deals.

P.S.: That song by Staind was "It's Been A While". I don't care if you find that too cheesy, I did it just for me.

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Alexis said...

ha! that's great. i love you and miss you and wish you were going to be home when i get there in 2 weeks!