Monday, May 12, 2008

Something New and Exciting

Just read the first few posts of Paul DePodesta's (former Dodgers GM, and current Padres assistant GM) new blog. This is the first I've seen of an executive, a former GM no less, of a baseball franchise opening up the doors by blogging. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised as DePodesta was part of the "Moneyball" revolution, and is obviously open to new ideas. I think this is a great idea because it not only allows baseball freaks like me to get a little more involved, but is also a great marketing ploy. He will respond to commenters when possible, and this is a yet another forum for Padres management to reach and communicate with their fans which is yet another sign of a well run franchise.

This leads me to wonder if DePodesta will get another GM opportunity in the future as his biggest failure in Los Angeles was his lack of communication with the media, fans and members of the front office. If he is able to successfully communicate with the fans in a forum like this, perhaps it will be a first step towards him becoming a GM once again. As a Dodgers fan I routinely harangued DePodesta for some of the moves he made, and looking back I feel foolish for being so quick to judge. Many of his moves are part of what has made this current Dodgers team so potent, and I sincerely hope he gets the opportunity to become a GM again, if he so chooses. He is obviously an innovative mind and it could be very exciting to see what he could do given more than 2 years on the job. Here's to creativity in baseball...not something we see every day.

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